Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Morning Mouse Attack

Today started the same as every other weekday morning. I came to the office, slipped my shoes off once I was behind my desk, and started getting to work. Everything was going great, I even figured out a problem on Excel that had been driving me mad for three days. Next thing I know, I have a visitor staring at me from my doorway. It seems a mouse thought my office was interesting enough to inspect.

I paused, thinking this couldn't be happening, and then I saw it start to twitch. I'm my mother's daughter, so of course I started screaming bloody murder! This mouse was surely stupid because when I started screaming, it turned in every direction, apparently unsure how to react, and then charged directly at me! Needless to say, the screaming got worse on my end and I was on top of my desk in less than a second. All of my coworkers came running asking what was wrong. I don't know how they missed me yelling "MOOOOUUUUUUSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!" at the top of my lungs.

My boss, Greg, came in with a giant garbage can and directed everyone to calm down and go into the receptionist area while he shut my door and took the mouse on alone. I was obviously not going to get my shoes, as they were under the same desk the mouse was currently inhibiting, so I jumped off my desk and tiptoed into the lobby as quickly as possible. After a few minutes, I was finally able to breathe normal again. Right when I thought we were in the clear, the mouse comes flying right by my bare foot! I take off running down the hall, the entire time screaming, "Why is it chasing me?!!" I end up in the conference room on top of the table. All the men in the office come running in, armed with trashcans, brooms, etc., and start chasing it around the room until it runs back into the hall.

Eventually it ran into a small filing cabinet the men were able to heft up and shake over the big trashcan until it fell out. Karrie, one of our receptionists, said Greg was about to bust a blood vessel trying to shake her cabinet to get the mouse to fall out. I wouldn't know, I stayed on top of the conference room table. Anyways, they ended up rolling the trashcan out and releasing the mouse into the yard. Worst idea ever.

I just know he will come back for me. Here I am, heart rate pounding, anticipating all of the spots in my office where he could sneak out and surprise me. That mouse has tainted my perfect image of my office, ruined my simple pleasure of slipping off my shoes, and certainly thrown all of my professionalism and maturity, in my coworkers' eyes, out the window. Thanks, mouse, for nearly causing me to have a heart attack and ruining my perfect morning.

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