Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Get to Work

Since I started working for Brighton, I have had countless weeks full of training. While I have learned so much, there are certainly times people ask me to name something specific after a week of training, and I cannot seem to recall a single, concrete thing. My brain has been working overload the past few months.

There is one thing I definitely remember from a day of training though, and I don't plan on ever forgetting it: I get to work.

During a class, the speaker asked how many of us have to work. Every hand was raised immediately. She then asked us how many of us get to work. We all sort of looked around the room like it was a trick question. The brave souls had a half-raised arm after a few seconds while the majority just tried to avoid eye contact.

Turns out this is the normal reaction. It's amazing how we immediately support a negative comment or question but are hesitant to be enthusiastic about something positive. Just look at all of the negative status updates on Facebook. They get 47 "likes" and comments.

While I love the people, travel and considerable other perks to my job, I definitely sometimes need a reminder when I have to count charms or run spreadsheets that I get to work when so many others cannot due to disability, the job market, etc.

I decided to place a permanent reminder on my work computer so that when I am ready to throw it out the window, I can take a second to remember how lucky I am to even have a work computer.

Here's to a happy every working day-not just Friday.