Monday, October 25, 2010

Speak Now

In case you don't know, Taylor Swift's third album, Speak Now, was released today. I am always amazed at how many people criticize her and her previous albums. I know she isn't the best singer ever recorded, but why can't people just be proud of her and the success she has solely created? She writes all her songs, is willing to put her private life in the limelight and face ridicule, while still maintaining a classy, positive image in Hollywood which is clearly hard to do--just look at Britney, Lindsey, Paris, etc.

Her newest album has a few songs that I especially love and think you should check out: Never Grow Up, Mine, Enchanted, Ours, If This Was A Movie, and Superman. Although, you can't really go wrong with any of the songs.

Taylor is a strong, successful Tennessee girl and I love supporting someone like that. You should go buy her CD at Target (they have a couple exclusive great songs) like I did! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Off-Weekend Wedding

Sorry I have not had any new posts in the past few weeks. I have been a bit busy with school, concerts, weddings, etc. Speaking of weddings, I love them. It seems like I would be a nightmare for a guy, but it's not that I'm obsessed with getting married myself. I love other people's weddings! I would go to wedding if I didn't know a single person there. I just think a wedding is the most romantic, long-lived tradition still in practice. Poetry, Shakespeare and "courting" are all gone. A wedding is the one day when it is still commonplace to witness the kind of love and emotions great authors once wrote about. What could be better than getting to see two people share the same vows as our ancestors?

Because I love weddings so much, I would be willing to miss most any event to attend one. I realize most do not feel this way which is why I love the date my cousin, Hannah, set for her wedding. Down South, we love our football. Hannah knows this, which is why she specifically set her wedding date a year in advance based on the football schedule of the Vols! October 16, 2010, UT had its off-weekend. On that Saturday, Hannah officially became Mrs. Christopher Strong. No Southern girl would want to have to choose between cheering on her team and exchanging vows. Hannah certainly got the best of both worlds.

By the way, it was the best wedding I've been to yet. Just look how beautiful she is!