Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bona Fide Businesswoman

Nothing says "welcome to the adult world" quite like getting your first business card. Nothing has for me anyways. I walked in this morning and a pretty, paisley box was sitting on my desk full of my business cards. Even the cards are pretty! My name is spelled correctly, it has the number for my direct line with my personal voicemail, and my own work email address. It's amazing how one little card can make you feel so bona fide!

The other night a friend of mine told me I should always carry a business card on me when I go out. I initially thought I wouldn't because I always find it annoying when someone tries to sell me something, or themselves, when I'm trying to enjoy myself. I like to keep work and play separate. After seeing these cards, I have changed my mind. Networking, here I come!

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