Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

If you do not know my mom, you really should. I guess we all grow up loving our parents because that's just the way it goes. It wasn't until I started getting older that I realized I love my mom for so much more than just because she gave birth to me.

She is the most generous, intelligent, and truly kind person I know. I was looking back at all of the old photos in her scrapbook room trying to find ones of the two of us. Out of thousands of pictures, she is only featured in a few.

I wasn't surprised. She is always the first to stay back to let the rest of us shine, despite the fact that she is the best and brightest of us all.

They say all girls become their mothers. I hope I am half the woman she is. 

Have a great Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Southern State of Mind

Last week I was in California for a national sales meeting. I had the best time meeting fellow sales reps as well as all of the other people who work for Brighton's headquarters. I have a new found admiration for anyone who works in a factory.

Everything is done by hand--including painting the inside of each individual belt hole!

I'm telling you, I have never in my life had so many people point out my accent as I did on this trip. Apparently people in other areas of the country don't use phrases like "crazier than a looney bird" or "not worth a lick." They also don't leave their purse unattended. I guess I'm always in a Southern state of mind.

Note my bag. People kept telling me, "You're not in Tennessee anymore, people will steal your purse!"

This is one of those looney birds I was talking about.This man had his rear end in a trash can with these signs sticking off his limbs.

One of the other things I was amazed at was all of the food. I especially loved when it was a pretty presentation like this one.
Thank goodness the hotel had a gym, or I would have been in some serious trouble.

Besides all of the product knowledge I learned, I also realized that going to bed close to midnight and getting up at 5:00 am for several days in a row does a number on the bags under your eyes. Luckily, I recently purchased Erase Paste by benefit. This stuff is a vacation in a jar.
I was able to look as excited as I felt all week.

I wonder if I should see if one of the Brighton designers would be interested in creating a mustache ring like this in Brighton's signature silver? :)