Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modern-Day Walden Pond

I have always loved having my own space to think, dream, read, etc. As a child, my dad would often scold me for "isolating" myself. I suppose he didn't want me to become some weird, anti-social outcast. As I have grown up, I have managed to hide or dismiss most of my anti-social tendencies.

Now I simply have an outlet. Once I moved into my new apartment, I decided I did not want cable or internet. I also have "technology-free" weekends where I even turn my phone off. I do always make time to call my parents though, as they tend to worry. I like to think of this year as my modern-day Walden Pond. Each day after work, I come home to either music, reading, running, journaling, or a combination of them all.

After almost two months of this, I would like to say I have found some profound knowledge or discovery, similar to Thoreau. I can't say that I have. The only thing I've discovered is that after experiencing solitude, you realize more than ever who you want to be there when you don't want to be alone.

Here's to a year of solitude, retrospect, and growing up with complete independence and the ability to do whatever it is I may want to do in my little third-floor apartment--other than watch tv or surf the internet. We'll see how I handle this come basketball season when I cannot watch my beloved blue devils play.

Monday, September 12, 2011

People Haven't Always Been There For Me but Music Always Has

I love this quote ^ from Taylor Swift. It's so true. Despite how many times people let me down, these songs never do:

1. Up on the Roof-The Drifters. Despite never having access to a roof, I feel I could have written this.
2. Can't Hurry Love- The Supremes. Such a shower singin' song.
3. The House that Built Me- Miranda Lambert. This will be the first song I learn to play on the guitar.
4. Sweet Baby James- James Taylor. James Taylor never lets me down, but I especially love this one because he wrote it for his nephew. Boy, do I understand that.
5. Don't Think Twice-Bob Dylan. He's always good. This one, though, has a special place in my heart and is absolutely never skipped on my iPod.
6. Home- Michael Bublé. I am so thankful I live close enough that home is never too far away for a visit.
7. One Fine Day- The Chiffons. Never fails to get me moving and bring back memories of lip-sync performances and riding to school with my dad.
8.Secret Garden- Bruce Springsteen. I especially love this with clips from Jerry Maguire.
9. Catch My Disease- Ben Lee. Best loud with the windows down.
10. Living for the Night- George Strait. King George should have a spot on every list.

I hope when you're disappointed by people, work, etc., you also have good music to get you through.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Minus the Costumes, This is My Life

Before moving into my new place, I told myself I would try to meet as many people as possible and wouldn't refuse any invitations because, I have learned, networking really does make all the difference.

Since I moved in, I have only seen one girl outside for long enough to strike up a conversation. I complimented her purse (it was this awesome Dooney & Bourke) because who doesn't like a compliment? As it turns out, this girl either didn't care for them, or for me one. She scoffed at me, tucked the purse tighter under her arm, and walked away. Strike one.

Since then, I have made six new friends. All under the age of 9. I met two siblings, Naila and Cole, because Naila stomped up to fuss at me for parking at the opening of the stairs. It's where she and Cole ride their skooters. As soon as I told her that wasn't my car, we became fast friends. For the next couple of days, they would wait on me when I got home from work and occasionally come up to my apartment.

At the beginning of the following week, I got a knock on my door just as I sat down for dinner. I peeped through, and seeing six kids, thought they must be selling something. Cole then popped his head up and said, "Miss Keely, I told them you were really cool and would let us come in your apartment!" Before I could even respond, they all charged into my living room. After watching A Cinderella Story (because they deemed that something we would all enjoy. Evidently my Friend's episode was not.), drinking all of the Yoo-Hoo's my mom bought for moving day, and telling me all about their favorite subjects, friends, and sports, they finally went home.

I'm still working on meeting people my own age, but as long as I keep Yoo-Hoo's in the fridge, at least I'll keep my adolescent friends. Here's to growing up.