Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modern-Day Walden Pond

I have always loved having my own space to think, dream, read, etc. As a child, my dad would often scold me for "isolating" myself. I suppose he didn't want me to become some weird, anti-social outcast. As I have grown up, I have managed to hide or dismiss most of my anti-social tendencies.

Now I simply have an outlet. Once I moved into my new apartment, I decided I did not want cable or internet. I also have "technology-free" weekends where I even turn my phone off. I do always make time to call my parents though, as they tend to worry. I like to think of this year as my modern-day Walden Pond. Each day after work, I come home to either music, reading, running, journaling, or a combination of them all.

After almost two months of this, I would like to say I have found some profound knowledge or discovery, similar to Thoreau. I can't say that I have. The only thing I've discovered is that after experiencing solitude, you realize more than ever who you want to be there when you don't want to be alone.

Here's to a year of solitude, retrospect, and growing up with complete independence and the ability to do whatever it is I may want to do in my little third-floor apartment--other than watch tv or surf the internet. We'll see how I handle this come basketball season when I cannot watch my beloved blue devils play.

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