Friday, September 2, 2011

Minus the Costumes, This is My Life

Before moving into my new place, I told myself I would try to meet as many people as possible and wouldn't refuse any invitations because, I have learned, networking really does make all the difference.

Since I moved in, I have only seen one girl outside for long enough to strike up a conversation. I complimented her purse (it was this awesome Dooney & Bourke) because who doesn't like a compliment? As it turns out, this girl either didn't care for them, or for me one. She scoffed at me, tucked the purse tighter under her arm, and walked away. Strike one.

Since then, I have made six new friends. All under the age of 9. I met two siblings, Naila and Cole, because Naila stomped up to fuss at me for parking at the opening of the stairs. It's where she and Cole ride their skooters. As soon as I told her that wasn't my car, we became fast friends. For the next couple of days, they would wait on me when I got home from work and occasionally come up to my apartment.

At the beginning of the following week, I got a knock on my door just as I sat down for dinner. I peeped through, and seeing six kids, thought they must be selling something. Cole then popped his head up and said, "Miss Keely, I told them you were really cool and would let us come in your apartment!" Before I could even respond, they all charged into my living room. After watching A Cinderella Story (because they deemed that something we would all enjoy. Evidently my Friend's episode was not.), drinking all of the Yoo-Hoo's my mom bought for moving day, and telling me all about their favorite subjects, friends, and sports, they finally went home.

I'm still working on meeting people my own age, but as long as I keep Yoo-Hoo's in the fridge, at least I'll keep my adolescent friends. Here's to growing up.

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