Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My 23rd RAOKing Birthday!

Birthdays and Valentine's Day have always been my favorite holidays. While I love when someone else has a birthday, I tend to always be a bit disappointed with my own. It never seems to live up to the hype. For my birthday this year, I decided to change things up a bit.

Instead of the usual day where I am concerned only about my selfish wishes, I decided to spend the day giving to others. I spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon fulfilling random acts of kindness. It was the greatest thing I have ever done on a birthday. Here's my list of 23 RAOK's:

1. I left handwritten notes on three cars with inspirational quotes and a request to "pass on the kindness."
2. I gave bubbles to two little girls who were leaving the grocery store with their mom.
3. I taped quarters to a coke machine with a note to enjoy a cold drink.
4. I went to a park and passed out suckers to all the kids (One of them was eating dirt when I arrived. I think he loved the suckers the most.)
5. I bought a woman's drinks at Walmart. (This was the absolute best one. I came up to her and told her it was my birthday and I would love to buy the drinks for her. She didn't speak for a second and then proceeded to burst into tears while telling me I must be sent from God because of the terrible time she has had lately. We were both crying and hugging, and it was the best five dollars I have ever spent in my life.)
6. I put a quarter in all of the candy machines at Walmart so the next person just has to turn it for free candy.
7. I rounded up all the shopping carts in the Walmart parking lot that were left unattended.
8. I gave a mother of three a gift card for free groceries.
9. I opened the doors at the Dollar General for several customers with their hands full.
10. I flashed my lights at oncoming cars when I saw a policeman waiting to catch someone speeding at the bottom of a hill.
11. I left quarters and a note for a free car wash.
12. I put a flag and a patriotic note on a car windshield.
13. I brought flowers to a woman who has been in the hospital for over nine days without a single visitor.
14. I brought flowers to a woman who has been in the hospital for seven days without a visitor. She told me I was the first person to ever buy her flowers. She was over sixty.
15. I took coloring books to the maternity unit of the hospital for the anxious brothers and sisters of the new arrivals.
16. I took stickers and gluten-free and sugar-free suckers to the pediatric ward.
17. I brought large print crossword puzzles to the local nursing home.
18. I taped a sign for free smiles on the door window of the Cleveland Hospice.
19. I gave two men who had clearly worked a long, hard day a gift card for Little Caesars.
20. I gave a little boy a Pez dispenser with refills.
21. I flushed all of the toilets in the McDonald's restrooms. (I still don't understand why there is ever a need for someone to do that for someone else, but oh well.)
22. I bought the lunch of the car behind us at McDonald's.
23. I took a dozen donuts to the local fire department and thanked them for their service.

This definitely goes down in the books as one of my favorite birthdays.

I can't say I was completely unselfish on Monday.  I played a Texas Hold'em tournament with my family that night, and I didn't share any of my winnings. I also asked for a personalized Minnie Mouse birthday cake.
My mom made this thing entirely from scratch!
 I figure a little selfishness never killed anybody. :)