Friday, July 29, 2011

My Wall of Fame

I will never have an interior designer decorate my house simply because I love when a house embodies the inhabitants. Who knows me better than me? I like to think that if someone saw my apartment, especially my room, they would say it looks like it would be my room. A big part of that is, as my friends have dubbed, my "Wall of Fame." I have been packing here and there in anticipation of my move on Wednesday, so the other day I used my free time to pack up my "Wall of Fame."

A house, or apartment, isn't a home without photos on the wall. At least mine certainly isn't. I didn't realize that when the "Wall of Fame" came down, it would completely change my entire room. It showcases my favorite people, memories, and events. It showcases everything important in my life. With it gone, it no longer looks or feels like "my" room.

One thing is for sure, when I get to my new apartment, I'm immediately having my mom hang up the "Wall of Fame." Lord knows I can't do it. Maybe that's another thing I should add to the list of things to accomplish for the year: how to hang things on the wall using that nifty, curved hook my mom uses. Nah, that would bring my list to 23. I can't have that jinxing my year.

Lady Luck Has Left the Building

As I mentioned before, I certainly believe in superstition. This has made me realize that I have been cursed, jinxed, whatever you want to call it. Despite firmly believing in my head that this would be my lucky year, it is simply not. This is still my birthday month, and all I have had are a series of unlucky events:
  1. The night of my birthday, this drunk guy dropped his beer glass while I was mid-stride heading to another venue. Of course the glass would manage to shoot right into my shoe and slice my toe something awful and promptly end the evening of celebration.
  2. I got towed while celebrating Lucy-Allen's birthday, even though we both parked in the restaurant's parking lot. Non-negotiable $90 down the drain to a company that operates from a trailer with la-z-boys on the front porch.
  3. The following day I got rear ended on the interstate in the left lane. On the way to the airport.
  4. Once in Orlando, my dad and I decided to go the casino and play cards. I really don't know why I even tried...
  5. Just two days ago, I pulled out a box of shoes that I haven't worn in about a year. I will spare you from finding out just what was in the box, and the shoe that I had already put on my right foot.
I'm looking forward to seeing what fate has in store for me for the remainder of my "lucky" year. One thing I know for sure though, I'm never trusting the WSJ again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lucky 22

I have never thought of myself as a superstitious person. Even though I used to always wear the same type of socks for every basketball game, the same tennis shoes for over 2 years even though they had a giant hole in the toe, always listen to the same music before particular events, etc, I still believed I was "above" being superstitious. Recently, turning twenty-two really made me see that I am superstitious--and I like it!

Twenty-two has always been the birthday I have looked forward to the most. It's a family tradition to wear the number 22 on a jersey, and I suppose I always believed it would bring me luck. I know it sounds crazy, but I really do believe this is going to be an excellent year for me. And as it turns out, if I believe I'm lucky, I'm much more likely to be so! The Wall Street Journal says so:

With my undoubtedly lucky year, here is what I plan to accomplish:
  1. Move into my own apartment and live alone.
  2. Meet new people at the new apartment.
  3. Watch my nephews play basketball together for the first time at Halls High School.
  4. Learn to sew (a button at the minimum).
  5. Study for the GMAT (and do really well since it's the year).
  6. Go to Harry Potter World in Orlando.
  7. Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my mom. Go team "Moore Fun to Run!"
  8. Learn to play the guitar.
  9. Go fishing.
  10. Watch some of my very best friends graduate from college.
  11. Save enough money by the end of the year so that I can buy a car.
  12. Read at least two books a month.
  13. Host poker night at my new apartment.
  14. Start couponing!
  15. Grow an herb garden in my kitchen.
  16. Create a business plan that I am actually passionate about.
  17. Finally fix my itunes so that if someone stole my ipod, or it died, I wouldn't die as well.
  18. Force myself to start listening to the daily news, even if it's only while I'm brushing my teeth.
  19. Take a cake decorating class.
  20. Dress up for Halloween. No, I do not believe there is an age limit, and I never will!
  21. Stay in touch with old friends--more than just through facebook.
  22. Figure out just what I want to do next year and pray that the luck continues :)