Friday, July 29, 2011

My Wall of Fame

I will never have an interior designer decorate my house simply because I love when a house embodies the inhabitants. Who knows me better than me? I like to think that if someone saw my apartment, especially my room, they would say it looks like it would be my room. A big part of that is, as my friends have dubbed, my "Wall of Fame." I have been packing here and there in anticipation of my move on Wednesday, so the other day I used my free time to pack up my "Wall of Fame."

A house, or apartment, isn't a home without photos on the wall. At least mine certainly isn't. I didn't realize that when the "Wall of Fame" came down, it would completely change my entire room. It showcases my favorite people, memories, and events. It showcases everything important in my life. With it gone, it no longer looks or feels like "my" room.

One thing is for sure, when I get to my new apartment, I'm immediately having my mom hang up the "Wall of Fame." Lord knows I can't do it. Maybe that's another thing I should add to the list of things to accomplish for the year: how to hang things on the wall using that nifty, curved hook my mom uses. Nah, that would bring my list to 23. I can't have that jinxing my year.

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