Friday, November 4, 2011

Mormon is the Word

I went to visit my best friend Jenny in Layton, Utah last week. We had the best time. You know you're close with someone when you can stay in and just watch Dawson's Creek and talk until four in the morning, repeatedly, and think it was the best vacation. We did manage to get out of her apartment a couple of times--we had to go buy cookie dough. :) Juuuust kidding, we got out for other things, too.
I learned several things while I journeyed out west. First, Mormons really aren't that different from the Bible Belt Christians I've been around. Yeah right. I met this cool guy on the plane (well, cool until he sketchily asked for a ride...) that was a Mormon living in Salt Lake. He explained it all to me. Apparently they can't have caffeine, drink alcohol, use protection, etc., etc., etc. He was under the impression Southern Christians live this way. Puhlease.

Second, Paranormal Activity 3 is a crock. The entire movie I kept expecting to be terrified. When two girls can go home alone and stay up for hours without "hearing" or "seeing" something freaky after seeing a scary movie, it's not a very good. We did take a picture there as proof that we did venture out of our pajamas and her apartment.

People in Utah also go to Halloween parties, shop at Kroger (even though they call it Smith's), eat sushi, and will return a smile.

Utah got awfully lucky when Jenny Barbee became a resident. I'm awfully lucky to have her as a friend.

PS: I finally figured out how to add more than one photo to a post. It's a little link that says, "Add More Photos." Who knew?!

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