Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn at Dawn

While I can't claim to love the Twilight series like Harry Potter, I still did enjoy the books. I enjoy even more, however, a good theme. Of course I go to all of the midnight premieres. It gives me an excuse to wear something vampire themed and hang out with friends who share either the Twilight or theme-ing passion.

If you can't tell, my shirt says, "One Day My Prince Vampire Will Come." When you see Harry Potter and Twilight-themed shirts in stores and wonder who on earth actually buys them, I do.

I will be honest and tell you that ever since I started working full-time, my bedtime has drastically changed.I took a picture of this man before the previews even started. Although I thought it was so funny, he didn't when my flash interrupted his slumber...

It turns out I wasn't much better. I kept feeling my head start to tip after about forty minutes of the movie. My former late-night, college self would be so disappointed to see the lame, working-woman version I am today. I went to see a matinee this weekend and, hooray, I didn't fall asleep.
Although I was worse than useless at work the next day (I didn't get in until right before 4 am), it was definitely worth it just to get to wear my shirt and hear Edward take his vows imagining they were to me. Keely Cullen has a nice ring to it...

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