Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Basketball Year I have Been Waiting For

Every year I can remember there has always been some point when I have said, "I can't wait until I get to watch Stetson and Braxton play high school basketball together." The time has come.

By watching them play in the Knox Co jamboree at UT, I was able to check another thing off of my 22 to-do list (seen here).
While I love watching them play, I love watching them interact with each other and their teammates just as much. At one point during their first game at South Doyle, Stetson made a mistake right before a timeout. Braxton purposefully made his way to Stetson's side of the huddle and nonchalantly patted him on the back. It was great to see.

My favorite thing about living and working in Knoxville? Getting to see moments like that, seeing Stetson score more points than the other team during the jamboree where he only played approximately 8 minutes, seeing Braxton do the "dougie" in the middle of the team pre-game huddle, etc.

That is a rough video of B dancing in the center from my mom's phone. I'm going to have to film it better at another game.

I will be watching them play basketball pretty much every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the next three months. I can't wait.

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