Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was raised under the impression that a guy is interested in you if he takes you on dates, calls you, surprises you, uses respectful language around you, etc. I hate to break it to my parents, but I don't know any guys like this. My friend told me the other day, "Keely, you just have to understand guys. They don't go on dates in college and they never call you." That's unbelievable to me.

Southern gentleman? I realize it's hard to be a gentleman in a country where the f word has become so ordinary that it is showing up in magazine articles, texting is quick, easy, and extremely popular, and where the need for men to appear "manly" is so important.

I have never heard my dad cuss around a lady--and he loves to cuss, mind you. He still takes my mom on weekly dates after 26 years of marriage. He does this while still being the toughest man I know. I know my friends will continue to tell me to just cope with the fact that guys are different in this generation and that chivalry is dead. That's just not good enough. Guys, pick up the phone and ask a girl on a date, so I can stop hearing and believing we have seen the end of a true Southern gentleman.


  1. Chivalry is not dead. I do believe in treating a lady right, and taking her out on a real date other than clubbing and partying. Unfortunately in my experience, it seems like the girls who seem like they'd be willing to go on dates just want to go out with the "fun" guys to the clubs and parties... And to me, doing that just gets a little old. I've noticed that the christian girls I know don't seem to want to date unless it's potential marriage material, and the girls who are the dating type, only like to go on dates with the guys who want to show them a good time and just drink and such.
    It's almost like girls like the bad boy, and therefore, they don't get treated the way they want to be treated, because they don't give the guys who sincerely care a fighting chance.
    Guys like me who would actually LIKE to take a girl out and treat her like a lady just for the fun of it seem to get rejected from both sides; from the ladies who are looking for a husband and don't want to mess with the "dating for fun" scene, and on the opposite end, from the ladies who SEEM interested in a date, but reject the good guy for no reason. Being rejected from both sides can be very discouraging for a guy who wants to do the right thing... And can make him more shy when it comes to actually asking someone out. Sorry if this comment is too long... It's just one of those things that frustrate me.


  2. I am glad to have your feedback, Landon. Although dating in general can be discouraging, keep asking girls out! :) They love it. Even if they say no, for whatever reason, at least you had the courage. One day you will ask the right girl, and all of us other girls will celebrate that chivalry is not dead!!