Monday, December 12, 2011

The Time to Be With People You Love

Christmas is the time. I watched Love Actually last night with my parents, and this was quoted several times throughout the movie: Christmas is the time to be with people you love. I couldn't agree more.

Inevitably, each Christmas I am asked what I want this year. I never have a good answer. I hate knowing what I get, and I don't need anything. If I ever do, I'm the type to just buy it myself. Only live once, right?

After the movies (we watched The Family Stone, too), we sat around, sang, and danced to music from my dad's iPad.

When I finally crawled (I ran 8 miles yesterday, so crawling is pretty accurate) into bed, I realized I had my answer to the yearly question. I want as many last nights, filled with singing, dancing, movies and people I love, as I can possibly squeeze into one lifetime.

I wish this for you, too.

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