Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Recently I met a couple of guys majoring in Finance here at UT. After talking with them for a few minutes, I playfully asked them why they kept pronouncing the word finance as f-uh-nance. I have always grown up pronouncing the word as f-III-nance. After a few jokes back and forth between us where I said they sounded pretentious and they said I sounded ignorant, I really began to wonder if they were right.

Despite being driven, highly educated, and prepared, would I really be laughed out of an interview if I pronounce the word the way I have always been taught? Would a Fortune 500 company really believe I was ignorant and unqualified for a job? I have always been proud to be from the South and take it as a compliment when people say I have an accent.

To succeed in the business world, will I have to lose my roots to get wings?

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